zaterdag 7 april 2012

It's been a while...

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Hi Everyone...

Yes I know... it's been a while but I do have some new things to show...

Below: First time making the Zaleria... although I did alter it a bit because of language and sleep I didn't understand the pattern that well... so I gave the last two or three steps my own twist (nothing much though haha). I've made it into a pendant, although I still have to make, I think, a 4strand necklace of seedbeads in the same colorscheme... It is going to be a long necklace so the pendant will be hanging low between the breasts or a tad lower... don't know yet!

And, I've been experimenting with beaded beads and my own designs for it...

My first beaded bead that I actually like! This one is going to be a private pendant... for sentiment reasons of course haha :)

2 Below: Also my own design, two cabs wrapped in a cocoon of beads...

2 Below: My own beaded bead designs, unfortunately I don't know where to get the exact wooden beads inside them, so I have to experiment further to get a similar look :)

Below: Another design of me, just experimenting with different kind of beads...

 Below: My latest beaded bead design... it's not perfect but I think it is a cute one!

Below: A first try at my own beaded bead... not perfect but learned alot!

Below: Two of my beaded beads as keychains

Well that's about it... didn't get to my softcuff bracelet yet... got stuck on it so I've put it away... also a necklace is in the planning... as it is my first necklace I am struggling a bit with the measurements... but not to worry... I'm sure that I can figure that out with a bit of help :)



vrijdag 2 maart 2012

02-02-2012 | Beaded Bead Anastasia + update latest project

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Hai there,

Last Wednesday I've received my beads... so I started on a new bracelet... I'm not happy about it yet... so more thinking is in order :) More updates later!

And, I also made a huge Beaded Bead... I named her Anastasia and she already found a new home :)

She's such a beauty! About 3,5 cm diameter... :)

Materials and colors are:

Fuchsia Swarovski Bicones
Toho Seedbeads Metallic Iris
Miyuki Seedbeads Metallic Matte Dark Bronze

And of course the wooden bead on the inside...

That was it for now... hopefully more news soon about the bracelet!



vrijdag 24 februari 2012

24-02-2012 | Beginnings of a new project...

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Hello everyone,

Just a quick blog to say that I am in the beginning of a new project...

A new soft cuff beadwork bracelet.

I've ordered the beads today... so hopefully they will be here around halfway next week...

I can't wait to begin... it's going to be a sugar of a bracelet...

Although I have measured and already started with the beginning... I have to see how long I will make it *frowns*. Oh well... I can see that when the beads arrive... Hope I ordered enough to finish the bracelet without ordering more... :)
Maybe next week I will post a teaser here :)

By the way, I did make another picture of the necklace Alyona on a display... Here it is:

Necklace Alyona on display

Well... I'm of again... Have a nice weekend!




zaterdag 18 februari 2012

18-02-2012 | Necklace "Alyona"

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Finally... I finished my necklace!!!

The necklace is made of Miyuki seedbeads, a few toho beads, glass cabochons, KO nylon thread and Fireline thread. As I said in a earlier message, the colors are: 11/0 Gunmetal Iris by Miyuki, some 15/0 Matte Black by Miyuki and some Opaque Jet Magatama's by Toho...

I chose the name Alyona, it's a Russian name and has the meaning: Torch. When I look at a piece I've made, I always stare and think what kind of name it should have... Once or twice I can't think of a name but with this one I thought... something Russian... something beginning what an A... so google is my help and chose this name.

The pendant is made of beadwork which I finished with black skyleather on the back. The glass cabochons are packed in with the peyote stitch.

Further I used a technique called cubic right angle weave as base for the necklace, it takes a lot of time when you aren't skilled in this technique... it was the first time I've used it... But the further I was... the easier it got...
The necklace itself is a bit asymmetrical... just a wee tiny bit... :) You can't see it in the photo's... but that's because it's not hanging...

When that part was finished... I came to a conclusion that a seedbead made toggle would be best for this necklace... but, I couldn't use the peyote technique here because it would stand out... so again I used the cubic right angle weave technique... although it was a bit tricky... But I did it!

And yes, I've made some quick pictures... I always find it difficult to photograph a necklace... :) Hopefully I can take better ones when the weather clears up!

Above: The necklace Alyona in full

Above: A close-up of the pendant.

That was that... I must say that I am pretty happy about the result! The necklace is for sale... You can message me for more info :)