vrijdag 24 februari 2012

24-02-2012 | Beginnings of a new project...

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Hello everyone,

Just a quick blog to say that I am in the beginning of a new project...

A new soft cuff beadwork bracelet.

I've ordered the beads today... so hopefully they will be here around halfway next week...

I can't wait to begin... it's going to be a sugar of a bracelet...

Although I have measured and already started with the beginning... I have to see how long I will make it *frowns*. Oh well... I can see that when the beads arrive... Hope I ordered enough to finish the bracelet without ordering more... :)
Maybe next week I will post a teaser here :)

By the way, I did make another picture of the necklace Alyona on a display... Here it is:

Necklace Alyona on display

Well... I'm of again... Have a nice weekend!




zaterdag 18 februari 2012

18-02-2012 | Necklace "Alyona"

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Finally... I finished my necklace!!!

The necklace is made of Miyuki seedbeads, a few toho beads, glass cabochons, KO nylon thread and Fireline thread. As I said in a earlier message, the colors are: 11/0 Gunmetal Iris by Miyuki, some 15/0 Matte Black by Miyuki and some Opaque Jet Magatama's by Toho...

I chose the name Alyona, it's a Russian name and has the meaning: Torch. When I look at a piece I've made, I always stare and think what kind of name it should have... Once or twice I can't think of a name but with this one I thought... something Russian... something beginning what an A... so google is my help and chose this name.

The pendant is made of beadwork which I finished with black skyleather on the back. The glass cabochons are packed in with the peyote stitch.

Further I used a technique called cubic right angle weave as base for the necklace, it takes a lot of time when you aren't skilled in this technique... it was the first time I've used it... But the further I was... the easier it got...
The necklace itself is a bit asymmetrical... just a wee tiny bit... :) You can't see it in the photo's... but that's because it's not hanging...

When that part was finished... I came to a conclusion that a seedbead made toggle would be best for this necklace... but, I couldn't use the peyote technique here because it would stand out... so again I used the cubic right angle weave technique... although it was a bit tricky... But I did it!

And yes, I've made some quick pictures... I always find it difficult to photograph a necklace... :) Hopefully I can take better ones when the weather clears up!

Above: The necklace Alyona in full

Above: A close-up of the pendant.

That was that... I must say that I am pretty happy about the result! The necklace is for sale... You can message me for more info :)